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The Art Called Origami

Origami as it is known in Japanese terms is the art paper folding.Currently, if splitting the word into two, then you will relize that ORI means fold and the term KAMI means Japanese, which will them be called ORIGAMI. This art is been gifted to the Japanese by their ancestors and it is something which is not just taught in schools but it is assimilated in their family culture and it is followed as a tradition in that country.Currently, it can be said that Origami art has turned out to be very popular not just in the country originated, but also outside the continent.The simplest method of making figures through origami is by folding paper. Figures or objects like that of toys, birds, masks, toys, and geometric shapes are being made by the young kids in their primary schools.

Brief History of Origami

The paper as we all know was invented in China during the time of 100 A.D., but this art was kept under the wraps as a secret with them for almost a century so as to say.It started from the use of rubber sap of the trees beofre it reached Japan. Japan then opened the opportunity for improvement, which leads to its popularity.The paper was brought too many different uses and it got mixed with a variety of colors and then the addition of silk threads made origami a thing that was liked by the classes.Then it started a trend where people began to wrap the gift with the noshi.

Styles of Origami

Origami actions

Origami is an art that do not only cover the stagnant object, but also moving objects.

The Modular origami

In this kind of origami, the pieces are put together to get a complete product.At first, it looks simple but the end of the day it becomes tricky.

Wet folding origami style

While there are simple shapes, there are those that come from geometric shapes.The paper is dampened a little to make it easy to give it shape, and then finally the model keeps its shape when it gets dried up.

Pureland style

In this kind of origami there is bit of restriction to it, in this a fold can be made only one at a time, only straightforward locations are allowed in this and not the reverse folds.Origami is an art that has a lot of dimensions to it, though it looks easy but one has to learn a lot to master the art, most importantly one has to have patience.

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Looking On The Bright Side of Patterns