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Techniques to Train Your Intuition.

We use five common senses as we have been trained. These senses are to see, to hear, to smell, to taste and to touch. Through the use of instincts the blind people can sense the tree in front of them. The intuition works as a way of connecting some energy frequency. Most kids know how to channel the energy and see something that adults don’t figure it out. Due to the inability of grown up people to see the things that kids see they end up shutting them down with hush words. This makes children shut down their channeling energy power such that with time they forget.

You should be able to know your perception. It is like the sense of right and wrong. Some people experience their perceptions with the flow of images in front of them. To others it is a soft voice through their mind. Some have it in a physical way. For example, someone may experience a fear all of a sudden through a sharp wind blow when they are walking in a forest, and there is danger around them.

Secondly, you have to train your mind on meditating. After you meditate the frequency rises. The rise in frequency the energy is observed. You have to remember how it goes because as a kid you once experienced it. The work of meditation is to resurface the true you. When you frequently meditate then the results will be awesome.
You should then learn to listen carefully, and let it flow through your blood streams by feeling it. People meet others always have a specific feeling they feel about others. You might feel attracted to some people while others repel you away. It is good to consider your feelings towards them. You should never consider how they sound or look like. Sometimes later the bad feeling about them will show their characters.

Before you communicate you should feel those words. You train yourself how to speak by first feeling what you want to say. By knowing that the words you are about to say can hurt then you better keep silent. You should have a conversation in your mind about a conversation you had with another somebody always. By doing this, it enhances you to know the mistakes you made thus, next time you will never do the same.

The dreams you encounter always have a message for you since the frequency is channeled to the mind. Hence, to be able to read between the lines of your dreams you are required to channel the frequencies to raise the energy.
Anything that happens to you, you are supposed to think about it. The results of following those steps will be a strong intuition.

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