The Need for Representation by DUI Defense Attorneys in Oklahoma

DUI is something that the legal system in Oklahoma offers up stiff penalties for. For that reason, if a person has been charged with DUI, there are host of reasons why they will need the services of DUI defense attorneys and it will be imperative to have these legal services as quickly as possible.

Quick Response

The first imperative has to do with time. When a person has been charged with DUI, Oklahoma has a strict policy of requiring a person charged with DUI to appear in court in 15 days. This doesn’t leave a great deal of time for a person to find a DUI attorney. Missing this court date or appearing in court without an attorney can be extremely problematic for the person charged with DUI.

Possible Punishment

The second reason for having immediate services provided by DUI defense attorneys is the penalties that are doled out by the state of Oklahoma if a person is found guilty of DUI. In some states, penalties for first offenses, especially if no one has been hurt, are relatively light. However, in Oklahoma, a person can get up to one year in jail for a first offense. If someone was hurt or a child was in the car when a person was arrested for DUI, this can result in a person being in jail for up to four years.

A Life Disrupted

On top of potential jail time, there is the disruption in a person’s schedule. A person may lose their license, which would prohibit them from legally driving, and this can create all sorts of problems. People can often lose their job or find it difficult to run common, everyday errands, such as going to the grocery store or visiting the doctor.

If you want to avoid these things from happening, the best case scenario may be realized with the immediate hiring of a DUI attorney. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your arrested for DUI and regardless of the potential outcome, a person will need the services of a DUI attorney. That’s why you will need to be very deliberate and you’ll need to move quickly in order to secure the legal representation necessary in going forward and answering the charges levied against you.