Examples of Landscaping Features That Increase Satisfaction With a Residential Property

Landscaping is not only about plants, although that aspect of a residential property tends to be front and center. Landscaping also includes features like gazebos, patios and decks, fire pits, outdoor lighting, and even patio furniture. Homeowners who are ready to renovate the landscape or are starting from scratch with a new lot can get some ideas from a website such as ccdlandscapes.com, the online home of Colorado Custom Design Landscapes.

Cooking and Lighting Features

People all around the region have embraced the concept of a yard being an extension of their homes, and adding features that enhance this experience boosts satisfaction. A fire pit and the preferred kind of outdoor lighting makes sitting on the patio enjoyable even on cool evenings. A customized outdoor kitchen appeals to people who love spending time cooking and eating outside.


Gazebos and pergolas are handy and attractive structures that provide some shelter from sun and rain, but the gazebo has the advantage of providing a full roof. The sides are open, allowing people sitting under the roof a full view of the yard and any surrounding scenery. Gazebos can be situated in a garden, at the end of a deck, or anywhere else on the property where it feels appropriate.


Built-in planters provide convenient places for flowerbeds, bushes, and even small trees. These features can be installed next to the house and outbuildings, along the sides of a deck or patio, or even in the middle of a deck. They can run along the interior or exterior of the gazebo. Planter boxes typically are raised above the ground, making them easier to work with. Those situated flat on the ground may be better for greenery that doesn’t require much maintenance or yearly replanting.


Hardscaping provides another opportunity for property owners to make a statement. The homeowner might go against the grain and have a driveway installed that features brick pavers or decorative concrete instead of the more typical plain concrete or asphalt pavement. A path in the garden can blend ease of walking with a natural look when it has green spaces between flat stones.