The Debate Over What Mattress is Best for Chronic Back Pain Sufferers

Getting a good night of sleep can be dependent on a number of different things, however, one of the biggest contributors to a good or a bad night of sleep is the mattress a person sleeps on. The stakes are even higher when it comes to people that suffer from chronic back pain. The wrong mattress can make chronic back pain even worse. That is why it is imperative for a person that suffers from chronic back pain to proceed with extreme care when choosing a new mattress.

What the Experts Say

Surprisingly, there isn’t a lot of hard data in terms of the best mattress for people that have back pain. However, there are a few guidelines the experts offer for buying a mattress when a person suffers from back pain.

The most important factor is proper support. This sort of support can be offered by memory foam or gel memory foam mattresses and even some spring coil mattresses. However, for back pain, choosing a mattress that is medium firm to firm are the best options.

Personal Preference

While the data is somewhat vague on what particular mattress works best for chronic back pain sufferers, one thing that cannot be overlooked is personal preference. Ultimately, it is this factor that will decide which mattress feels best for people with back pain and which mattress those people decide to buy. Some of the comfort factors will depend on how a person sleeps for the majority of the night. However, if a person with back pain finds a memory foam mattress more comfortable to sleep on than a recommended firm or medium firm coil mattress, then the memory foam mattress is what they should purchase.

For many people, whether they wake up with aches and pains or they suffer from chronic back problems that are only made worse when they go to sleep, the need for a new mattress is hard to argue. The process of choosing the right type of mattress may have its starting point in expert recommendations. However, what is most important is what mattress feels right for the sleeper. This is the best barometer for purchasing a new mattress. If you’d like to learn more about choosing the best mattress for you, you can learn more here.