Enhance Hobbies with a Compact Laser

Many hobbies, such as scrap-booking, building model planes, and creating unique home decor, have some elements that are tedious. Creating templates, designing accents, etching, or cutting materials precisely are a few examples. These elements are essential to the finished project, but can be frustrating. Those tasks can be done easily, quickly, and with great precision.

The Answer

A desk top hobby laser cutter and engraver is available and affordable. The compact version is ideal for cutting, etching, and engraving most materials. In addition to wood, glass, and metal, smaller laser cutters can also be used on plastics and paper without damaging the surface. The industrial cutters have too much power to handle paper and plastics.

Hobbies are more enjoyable because the time-consuming elements are no longer boring or overwhelming. It also takes less time to finish a project. That provides opportunities to expand creativity, try new concepts, and even turn a hobby into a second income. Currently, a hobby cutter is only available through the American manufacturer Boss Laser.

Not Just for Hobbies

The desk top can also be used to create designer quality home decor. Wall hangings, shelving, picture frames, decorative containers, and cut out lamp shades can all reflect personality at a fraction of the cost of designer and boutique items. One-of-a-kind mirrors, yard decor, trivets, and table tops will be the envy of the neighborhood. Let the imagination take over and have fun.

Small Business Uses

In addition to a desk top model, small business models are also offered. These allow small business owners to offer high-quality engraving and etching to customers on-site. The cuts from a laser are deeper than traditional tools so the end result will be fade resistant. Sometimes regular engraving wears off fast because it is only scratched onto the first layer of a surface.

Custom wedding or party invitations, unique jewelry, and innovative keepsakes and gifts can be designed, created, and sold to customers. Once word gets out about custom services and new gift ideas, new customers will be attracted to the business. The compact machine will pay for itself in a short period of time.